The School is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as an independent school. There is a Board of Governors that oversea the management and governance of the school. The School began 13 years ago with Grades 0 and 1. The School now goes up to Gr 7.

The demographics of the School show that about half of our intake comprises indigent African learners from the nearby informal settlements of Soweto, Protea, Hospital Hill, Lawley, Finetown and Lawley Station. The rest are mainly Indian (Hindu, Muslim, Christian) learners from Lenasia South and a few coloured and Rastafarian learners.  


The main thrust of our work is to integrate the 5 Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, Non Violence, and Right Action into the normal Department of Education (GDE) curriculum. The School follows the value based model  expounded by the Founder, Sri Sathya Baba. The School is supported by Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) members as volunteers and donations. The SSIO look after the various school needs.

We have an integrated approach to religious tolerance and we live by the theme of "Brotherhood of Man, and Fatherhood of God" and “The Unity of Faith” which are borne out by us being able to attract learners from diverse religious backgrounds. The diversity of the learner and educator population is viewed as strength and complements the philosophy of Edu-care and Socio-care. The School also offers us an opportunity to extend our Educare program to the disadvantaged from the local communities. The secular as well as governance needs of the school are overseen by the South African Institute of Sathya Sai Education (SAISSE) and the Sathya Sai Education Trust. 

The central theme of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values is that: "The End of Education is Culture and the End of Knowledge is Wisdom". 

Yoga classes , Music appreciation, Dance and Drama performance, weekly Sport codes are offered.

Educare and Sociocare

The indigent learners' needs are met on a regular basis, lunch for children whose parents cannot afford, as well as food hampers for the family. Devotees graciously come along and offer the entire school a meal at the end of each term.  Gifts of clothing and shoes from well-wishers are also distributed to needy learners. Free medical assistance as well as eye screening is available for all our learners. In past years we had organised for every learner to receive a free desk, chair and solar lamp for use at home. Last year, the Sai Centres offered free Medical Camp for all learners and their families. Our learners are involved in the Sai enrichment programs to offer Leadership and Capacity building skills.

As part of our effort to improve environmental awareness, Learners assist with clean up operations on the local streets and a local park and participate in poverty alleviation projects such as donating groceries and food to a local shelter as well. We also involved in the community recycling. The School nurtures a vegetable garden.

Our objective is to have a well rounded child who is offered secular teaching which is embalmed with human values.

Developmental Plans

The School has projects to improve the infrastructure and provide more facilities for teaching and learning. A Science Lab and library facilities are now provided. A new computer suite housing 35 Computers has been generously donated by the “Sathya Sai Serve the Planet” project.

School Times

School starts at 7.30am for all grades.


There is a summer and winter uniform. Please wear these accordingly.


  • Long hair should be plaited (two plaits) and worn with ribbons.

  • Growing hair may be worn as two ponytails with ribbons. No fancy hair accessories.

  • No extensions or artificial braids.

  • Ear-rings to be simple studs or sleepers.

  • No fancy jewellery. No ‘mendhi’ or dots.


  • Hair should be short and neat. 

  • No fancy hairstyles or tinted hair. 

  • No mohawks, spikes or gelled hair. 

  • No Ear-rings