The Sathya Sai School Chatsworth opened on 26 January 1998 with 59 learners and volunteer educators at the Sathya Sai Sudha Mandir in Moorton, Chatsworth. The classes ranged from Grade RR to Grade 3. As the School grew and demands for admission became greater the School moved to its new premises at Bayview in July 2002. In 2003, work commenced with the construction of the secondary phase.  The learners were graced with state of the art classrooms and specialist rooms on 27 February 2006. The School now has state of the art infrastructure worthy of a legacy project  dedicated to the Founder. This project bears testimony to the sacrifice, sweat and toil of devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who engaged in a labour of love. In 2007, the School produced its first batch of matriculants.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Wednesday activity period was created to promote integral and holistic learning. A number of activities are organized including: sport, group devotional singing, gardening, yoga, SSEHV, spiritual education, educational DVDs, seva, veda chanting, vernacular and chess. These activities have been designed to promote activities at the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level.

The following activities are now regular features in the School calendar:

  • Annual Athletics

  • Swimming Gala

  • Walk for Values

  • Annual Plays

A range of integral education components for Music, Art, Drama and Sport were launched in 2013 in keeping with our goal of providing a holistic education. The learners benefit immensely from their expertise.

Morning Assemblies

A typical day at the Sai School commences with prayer, silent sitting and meditation followed by devotional songs of all faiths and inspirational discourses. The learners participate at the daily School assemblies, that are held in the beautiful “Sai Prema” hall. Besides providing an ideal start to the day, it also offers an opportunity to reinforce positive attitudes and behaviour. It also affords the learners the opportunity to showcase their talent.


Since children learn through example, teachers act as role models through their good character and their practice of the human values. The teachers creates a learning environment and culture of love. A teacher who actively practises the human values becomes an instrument through which children become aware of and manifest their own inner values, which ultimately leads to the blossoming of their character.

Development Plans

Provision of additional resources to achieve the goals of integral education such as specialised staff, equipment and ground space.

School Operations

The School commences at 7.30 am for all learners. To maximise contact time learners are advised to report to school at least fifteen minutes before this time. If there is to a change of time for some valid reason, parents will be informed timeously in writing. Closing times are as follows: 

Grade 0-2


Grade 3


Grade 4-12



Junior Girls

  • Light Green Pinafore

  • Straight white Pants

  • White Short Sleeves Blouse

  • White Socks

  • School Shoes

Senior Girls

  • Panel green skirt

  • Straight green pants

  • White S/Sleeve blouse with Green edging

  • White socks

  • School shoes

All Boys

  • White tailored pants

  • White shirt long or short sleeves, Kurta style

  • White socks

  • School shoes

General Appearance


  • Neat one length hairstyle

  • No hairstyling agents

  • Hair may under no circumstances be dyed.

  • No earrings, rings or necklaces (chains) .

  • Acceptable accessories: watches; Medic- Alert bracelet or Medic-alert chain.

  • Hair should be neat and clean.

  • Hair may not hang in the eyes. Hair should be tied back if it is long enough to touch the collar.

  • Long hair should be fastened with ribbons; elastics or any acceptable hairclip, but they must be in the official school colours:

  • Hair should be above the eyebrows and may not hang in the eyes as this could weaken eyesight.

  • Loose strands of hair should be pinned back.

  • Girls who have long hair should always have their hair tied back when they are in their school uniform. Hair may not be coloured or bleached.

  • No colourful ribbons / bows may be worn in the hair.

  • No jewellery or chains, with the exception of watches or Medic-Alert bands or chains may be worn.

  • Only gold or silver sleepers or studs may be worn.

  • Only one earring in each lobe.

  • Nails should be kept short and clean.

  • No nail varnish.


  • Neat one length hairstyle 

  • No hairstyling agents 

  • No dying of hair.

  • No earrings, rings or necklaces (chains) may be worn

  • Acceptable accessories include watches; Medic-Alert bracelet or Medic-alert chain.