Prof Lalini Reddy is the current Director of the South African Institute of Sathya Sai Education (SAISSE) and also a member of the SSIO Education Committee. SAISSE with a membership of over 60 active members governs 3 Sathya Sai Schools in SA and offers SSEHV training to the SSIO of SA, the community and the Sathya Sai Schools in four provinces of the country.

Lalini has been active in the Education Wing of the SSIO of South Africa since 1988 when she completed her first SSE teacher training. In December 1989 upon her first visit with her family to Prasanthi she was granted an interview with Swami wherein He spoke of the purpose of Education. Lalini went on to teach the 9 year SSE programme. She held the posts of regional education convenor and regional youth convenor in Chatsworth. She participated in the International Sathya Sai Conferences on Education and Youth at Prasanthi Nilayam since then. In 2004 she completed the Sathya Sai Educare ‘diploma’ in South Africa and then became a SSE teacher trainer at the regional level (2004), national level (2007-2012) and as a member of the Sathya Sai Institute for Community Outreach. She worked on the SSE syllabus and the experiential nature of lessons. For teacher training she focussed on Leadership, the teacher as Divine Instrument in the mission of Sai and the 5 Ds for evaluation of the Educare process in children.

As an Associate Director and researcher in the field of Biotechnology, Food Technology and Curriculum development over the last 28 years Lalini has integrated Human Values in her teaching, research, community engagement and staff development work at both the Durban (1987-2013) and Cape Peninsula (2013-present) Universities of Technology in South Africa. She worked with  Georgia State University’s teacher education faculty on human values pedagogy. She was invited to present a paper at the United Nations /GSU conference in 2010 in Atlanta entitled ‘Integrating human values into the curriculum’. In 2011 she was part of a delegation led by Dr KLN Swami to visit all campuses of the SSIHL , the Mumbai Institute of Sathya Sai Education, the International Centre for Human Values in Dehli and Sathya Sai Schools in India.

Lalini's keynote, entitled ‘Teachers transform the world through Educare’, tracks the origins of SSE of focussing on the blossoming of the character and personality of the child to its current role in promoting global peace and harmony.  Read the abstract here.