Cape Town Launch of SSEHV Blended Course at Milnerton Sai Centre

Aum Sai Ram

This is a partly online and partly face to face Introductory Certificate Course. Seven students registered for this course. They are all officers in the SSIO SA Western Cape. 

The following topics were presented by Srs Lalini, Pranisha, Maggie and Br Kavir: 
DAY 1 : Introduced participants to the course, outlined objectives and outcomes, Philosophy of Educare, Creation. 
DAY 2 :  The inner instrument, core tenets of SSEHV, Challenges faced by participants and possible solutions.

The Session ended with students being shown how to navigate the website to access information as well as given the Course structure, Outline of Assignments - formal and Informal - allocation of student numbers and mentors. 
Students committed to completing the course over a period of 3 months. Each student was given a hard copy of the Manual.

Jai Sai Ram