Values in Healthcare at ABH

Aum Sai Ram

All of those who gave feedback said they liked the program, it is applicable to their work. Some said it was inspiring. Excellent program. 

They became aware of the need to introspection. We experience many problems and challenges that are common to all. We need to work towards a common goal, which is to improve the quality of life 

It helped us realise that we are working in old age home, by choice , and our priority patient care with empathy and compassion. This was achieved by group work and especially the role plays 

There were a few who felt that they were now able to apply human values and the techniques they learned in their personal lives and the work situation

The following feedback by one person received a very loud applause and is noteworthy. I quote verbatim. “ WE tend to externalise problems and look outside for solutions.. We need to internalize what we learned and apply it. The solutions start from us. Answers are within us. How I can change. Thanks for a wonderful program”

Different people said they liked especially different aspects of the program. Top of this list were: Activities, Human Values  , the techniques ; group work and role plays . Many commended the way the workshop was presented.

This program took please on the 19th and 20th June 2019.

Jai Sai Ram