Values In Healthcare Northdale Hospital

Aum Sri Sai Ram

The aim of this program was to provide a brief insight into values in healthcare .This program took place on 6 June 2019. Approximately 35 senior managers and administrative staff attended this workshop for which we were give 1 ½ hours. The primary objective was to introduce human values and some transformation techniques and demonstrate how they can be integrated into the work carried out by nursing and other medical staff. This workshop was preceded by a talk on ethics, which blended in seamlessly with our presentation.

Staff were very attentive and participated actively in the ice breaker and discussion. They agreed on the need for value-based healthcare and identified very well with the core values and sub-values. The section on how to integrate transformation techniques into healthcare was also very well received. One of the staff members requested the special prayer for nurses so that she could put it up in each ward. Feedback was very positive, and they were happy to participate in a full 4 hour workshop at a later date.

Jai Sai Ram