Annual Athletics Sports Meeting Sathya Sai School Chatsworth

Aum Sri Sai Ram

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.  The atmosphere and the calmness on that day was set for us to say ready steady go.

Our annual athletic meeting was held on Saturday 25 May 2019 at the Chatsworth Stadium amidst much enthusiasm and joy. Pupils from grade R to Grade 12 participate in the various events. Everyone present seemed a participant, feverish with excitement and giving off his or her best. Even a little input expanded to a treasure chest of memories.   Every pupil took part, and everyone of them emerged victorious.   They were the little sparks that lit up the hearts of others. There is co-operation rather than competition. The items are so organised that every pupil has some role or the other to play – with some visible on the track while others silently working in the background.

A fantastic, fun filled, family day – filled with Sai values of co-operation , camaraderie, kinship and character.

Jai Sai Ram