Sathya Sai School Chatsworth First Term Newsletter

Om Sai Ram 

At the end of the first term I would like to report on some of the important aspects of the school.  


This has been a difficult period with resignations of some educators. Every effort was made to replace the educators.  Finding suitable replacements took some time in some instances. 


Miss K Chetty / Mrs K Govender/ Miss LS Naidoo

Senior Certificate Results

Our grade 12 learners of 2018 did us proud.  They obtained 100% pass rate. 

Parents Meetings

Parents meeting was held phase wise. 

Foundation Phase and grade 12 - 05 February 2019 

Intermediate Phase and grade 11 -  06 February 2019 

GET Phase and grade 10 -  07 February 2019

Class representatives were selected for each class grade 

Two Class representatives meetings were held to date. 

Leadership Programme

Learners from grade 7 and grade 11 participated in a team building and leadership programme presented by the SAISSE team. 

First Controlled Test Report

Please study the contents of the First Controlled test reports and take the necessary steps to assist and offer guidance to your child/ward to enable them to improve their results. Ensure that a structured study time table is being followed.  You should spend some time with your child/ward daily to discuss his/her progress at school.  Particular attention must be taken by learners by completing all tasks/assignments/projects on time for submission to their educators. 

Report will be issued as follows

Grade R to 7 on Friday 15 march 2019 

Grade 8 to 12 on Wednesday 10 April 2019 

Parent’s meeting to discuss pupil learner’s progress is on Wednesday 10 April 2019. 

Allocation of Marks

Grade 10 to grade 12 :  Year Mark 25% / November examination 75% 

Grade 4 to grade 9 :  year mark 40% / November examination  60%  

Intervention Classes

Intervention classes were held in certain subjects to improve the results as indicated. 

Grade 9 - Mathematics/ EMS 

Grade 10 – Physical Science

Grade 11 – Physical Science

Grade 12 – Business Studies/ Physical Science/ Maths/ Life Sciences 

Vacation Classes 

Vacation classes will be held for grade 12 and grade 11 during the Easter recess. Time tables have been given to learners. Ensure your child/ward attends all classes.  Attendance is compulsory.  Learners must come in school uniforms and must be picked up timeously. 

Parenting Workshop

Parenting workshop was conducted by SAISSE members. Unfortunately the attendance was poor.  

Late Coming

Many learners arrive late in the mornings.  An appeal is made to parent/guardians to ensure that your child/ward arrives on time. 

Consultation with Principal/ Educators 

Note consultation with the Principal and Educators will only be allowed between 1pm to 2:30pm weekdays only through appointments.  This will allow the school management adequate time to attend to its daily professional duties. 

Forthcoming Activities for the Second Term

Umalusi Accreditation Process

School Annual Athletics Meeting 

Interschool Sports Fixtures

I would like to thank the following people for their support and assistance.

The Director – Professor Lalini Reddy 

Br Pat Reddy 

Br Govin Pillay

Br Vic Pillay  

Members of SAISSE

The staff who performed their duties with dedication under trying circumstances. Special thanks to Mrs AR Pillay (Deputy Principal) who will be leaving us as from Friday 15 March 2019 for the valuable services rendered to the school.  Your dedication and commitment is appreciated by the management, staff and pupils.    

School reopens on Tuesday 02 April 2019

Mr S Pillay (Principal)