Human Values Practices at Work 

By practicing Human Values at work, you will : 

  • Identify your spiritual view of life, from which you work and grow your career 

  • Expand and unfold your natural ability to express each Human Value at work 

  • Integrate what you think, say and do in accord with your spiritual view of life and the Human Values 

  • Make your work an arena for spiritual growth, and to apply that growth at work 

  • We can develop an environment and culture of love at workplace by practicing the following values

Truth – speak honestly with employees and customers; speak openly and caringly rather than behind someone’s back. A professional would be honest about errors or delays even if it meant a reprimand. 

Righteousness – conduct business with fair prices and ethical practices; keep agreements with all stakeholders; takee responsibility for problems, rather than making excuses. An office worker would do his or her best work, even if no one was watching 

Peace – practice equanimity, even in crises or loss; see yourself as the source of your emotional reactions, rather than the victim of others’ behaviour. A school principal would make difficult decisions with a peaceful mind. 

Love – connect to a higher purpose in life in which you can care for and serve others through your work; listen generously and compassionately to others rather than being judgmental. A teacher would actively seek a win-win solution to a parental complaint 

Non-Violence – conduct business that is environmentally friendly; find win-win solutions to problems, rather than winning at another’s expense. An executive would strive to reduce pollution levels, even if it was not required by law 


1. How do we become examples of human values in action? 

Read the following scenarios and explain how you would respond. 

Scenario 1: My boss is picking on me at work. The kids are fighting with each other at home. How am I supposed to be a shining saint in the midst of daily life with all its hassles? 

Scenario 2: I am just one person leading an unimportant life. I am not involved in any significant projects to improve the world. What differences does my example make? 

Scenario 3: How perfect do I have to be before I can be useful as a role model of Human Values? I have a long way to go? 

Please complete the activity and submit a word file (.docx) or PDF file