SSEHV Training In Casablanca Morocco


Training in Casablanca Morocco 18-20 March 2017

SSEHV Training was organized by Mrs. Chitra Mirpuri and held in Casablanca Morocco on 18th and 20th March 2017 at Les Ecoles L’Union  Privees. Twenty-two Teachers from the Pre- school, Primary, and Secondary school attended the training, from which 6 teachers from the primary school have been implementing the SSEHV program in french and arabic in the school since 2006, reaching 190 children from ages 6 to 12 years old.

The Facilitator was Dr. Lalini Reddy, Director of South African Institute of Sathya Sai Education Cape Town, South Africa. Training was conducted by her in English and Mrs. Fadoua Sfioui simultaneously translated her work in Arabic for the teachers.

This one day training covered various topics from the 4 modules of the SSEHV Introductory Certificate Learner Guide. The 4 Modules include, SSEHV Overview, SSEHV Educare Philiosophy, SSEHV Educare Practitioner, and SSEHV Educare Pedagogy.

On Day 2 Dr. Lalini Reddy attended for assessment 6 classes where the teachers were implementing SSEHV lessons. These lessons were conducted in French and Arabic. An assessment was done by her and meetings with the respective teachers were held to give feedback on how they could better implement the program with the children.

The Principal Mrs. Afifa Elwady and the teachers were very motivated and enthusiastic about the SSEHV training. At the end of Day 2, the Principal agreed to implement the guidelines that are needed to be a partnership school.

Furthermore, we also discussed the short term goals with the teachers to finish their assignments and service projects.  As well as workshops on Singing, Story telling, and Silent Sitting. We discussed the midterm goals to translate the SAISSE Learner Guide in French and Arabic as these are the languages the teachers teach in. Finally, the primary long-term goal discussed was for the school to become a partnership school by June 2018.   

In conclusion, the lessons learned from this training were the importance of organizing this training on a regular basis as it strengthens the competences of the teachers and stimulates their creativity. This training also creates an opportunity for the teachers to exchange their work and experiences. Also, the classroom visits by Dr. Lalini made it possible to evaluate the work of the teachers and value their efforts during the passing years. Finally, the teachers appreciated the translation in Arabic of the presentation as well as the timing of the training.  


Participation teachers


Day 1: Training in Session


Day 1: Group Picture


Day 2: Classroom Assessment – Silent Sitting in Session


Day 2: Classroom Assessment – Dr. Reddy with the children in the classroom


Day 2: Classroom Assessment – Group Picture


Day 2: Classroom Assessment – Children Singing


Day 2: Classroom Assessment – Teacher in session


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